How much Milk/Water should a 1 year old consume in a day ?

Chantelle - posted on 03/05/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son just turned one and we have switched to whole milk how many ounces a day should be consuming? Also with water , I know adults should consume a certain amount a day , how much should a toddler consume ?


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Dawn - posted on 03/06/2011




milk is 16 to 20 oz a day, as far as I have read/heard, but if you are having trouble bgetting him to drink his milk, you can also increase his consumption of other dairy products to get his far as water, I don't think there is a set amount; as long as he is drinking some and more than juice, you should be fine. I progressively dilute my son's juice throughout the day: in the morning he has about 8 oz of milk (we use Carnation Instant Breakfast mixed in) then he will have 75/25 juice/water with breakfast and then 50/50 juice and water for the rest of the morning, usually I make him have a few sips of plain water from my water bottles (one of the only ways to get him to drink it!! Tried leaving it on his table all morning a few times and not offering juice...didn't work!!) After naptime, it is the same thing!

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Even if there was an amount they should drink the problem I have is getting my son to drink it all. I give him small cups to use and he loses interest with them sometimes. I might give him milk with breakfast and water through out the day. Sometimes juice for other meals. I know this may not help any but wanted to share something I try

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