how old can baby start talking and walking


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As early as 9-10 months for both.
On average about 13-14 months for talking and 15-16 months for walking.
Can be as late as 16-18 months for walking and talking.
Doctors generally don't get too concerned about walking unless they have made no attempts by 18 months.
Talking... they will only get really concerned if there is no babbling or the child does not indicate in any way (either spoken, gesture/signs, grunt, scream ect) their wants and needs by 18 months. If there is no real clear talking after that they might send for speech therapy.

Kylie - posted on 04/11/2010




I think any age my son started walking at 8 months but he is now 2 and only says a few words... My niece started walking at 13 months but was talking early it depends on the child every baby is different they will walk and talk in their own time

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