How (or when) To Stop the Milk Bottle

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My daughter is 23 months old, and still drinks her milk from her bottle. She refuses to drink it from a sippy cup. She drinks her juice and water no problem, but she HAS to have her milk in her bottle...not to mention it has to be WARM! How do i ease her out of this?

Plus she is a very picky eater, however i know that kids are. I just get worried sometimes that she is not eating enough. Some days she doesn't even snack!.

She REFUSES to eat "real" vegetables (only baby jar veggies!) Same with fruit, however she will occasionally eat a banana...and the odd strawberry. She can't eat veggies from the jar forever!

Please help!!


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We had this problem with our now 3 y.o. I let her have the bottle until she did not want it, which was right around 2 years. We did take the binky away during this time. I also started to only feed bottles in the evening after dinner, and some mornings. She got tired of the bottle, no longer needed it for food. We made sure to increase her solids- no more baby food. Fed her what we would eat. We gave her dairy in her other foods.

The not eating is pretty normal. Toddlers graze, and she will let you know if she is not hungry- ie you will have a grumpy toddler on your hands if she is really hungry. Not wanting green things- totally normal. Try apple slices and the baby carrots. Both my 3 yo and 13 mo. will eat those for snacks. Also, think about offering foods to her in a fun way- cut shapes out of apples, make faces w/ grapes bannana and apple etc.

Other things our toddler loved : cooked pasta, apple sauce, pbj, lunch meat sandwich, pretzels, graham cracker, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese sliced w/ crackers, pickles. All pretty easy plain foods.

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