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Dawn - posted on 06/18/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




How do i cope with my toddler an newborn? I'm very scared about my newborn arriving in 6weeks as i never accepted my first child for a long time though i had more suport in my 1st pregnancy than i do in this one x


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Molly - posted on 06/19/2010




Help prepare yourself by imagining the loving bond that you want to have with your child. Decide now that you want and love this baby. Obviously you remember that the first 3 months are a tough transition period, but you also know now that it is temporary. When the inevitable sleep deprivation hits, remember "this too shall pass."
It sounds like you had issues with postpartum depression before too(?). Can you set up a plan for counseling now? I know lots of the time friends are happy to bring a few meals for a new parent. When people offer to help, suggest that they bring food so you don't have to worry about cooking.
You can be an awesome mom! I'll be praying for you.

Laura - posted on 06/18/2010




Spend time preparing your toddler now for the changes that are coming. Get the toddler excited about helping and being a big sibling. Try to set yourself up for success by getting the toddler's needs met ie food and an activity before feeding rocking the baby.

Don't be afraid to ask for help and walk away for a few minutes if you get frustrated.

I had to put my 3 year-old on a reward system after the baby was born to help deal with some behaviors.

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