how to get my 2 year old off the dummy


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Chrissy - posted on 05/28/2010




Hiya. I had exactly the same problem. I spoke to mums about it and they said just go for it, I thought easier said than done. So at Christmas we told our daughter that Santa was taking her "doda" but she wasn't well over christmas and it didn't seen fair to take it away. So Easter was our next chance and the easter bunny. I had actaully say my healthvisitor just for a routine checkup and that evening my daughter actaully lost her "doda" so we thought lets do it! and we did. We had one or two disturbed nights but not sleepless and that was it, gone! She believes the easter bunny has it. I am so thrilled now she doesn't have it. She has a comfort teddy which we are happy for her to have.

So maybe u could try something like fairies? do u have any preganant friends? you could say that their babies need it now..just go for it! don't be scared. IT's a great feeling when they no longer have it :D Good Luck xx

Francine - posted on 05/27/2010




My sister had the Dummy Fairy come and collect them with her twins (my daughter is not old enough yet - only 8 months).

They had to put them all in the tree in the back yard so the Dummy Fairy could come and collect them all for all the little girls & boys that don't have dummies yet. The girls helped her find them all and then when they were asleep they went out and collected them out of the tree and put "Fairy Dust" (or glitter) all over the area under the tree.

They woke up once, on the first night, and then they were fine.

Good luck!

EDIT: Just realised I have used "Dummy" :) I am in Australia, it is the same thing, just different name. :-)

Adrienne - posted on 05/27/2010




My oldest son took to the pacifier. At first it was all the time then when he got older it was just for naps and going to bed at night. Then finally I took it from him cold turkey. I believe it was either a week or a couple days of crying for it but it worked. It may be mean but it works. I was told many different ways cold turkey worked the best for me. My middle son never took to the pacifier so I didn't have to do it again. But now my new baby is taking to the pacifier so I'll be doing it again when he gets older. Good Luck!
Oh the other ways people were telling me were:
1 - dip it in some hot sauce or pickle juice
2 - cut little pieces off at a time until there is nothing left to suck on (I'd be worried about sharp edges)
3 - tell them that other babies need it
4 - tell them the pacifier fairy took it and left them a gift for big kids
I've never tried any of them.
Again good Luck!

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