How to get my 2 year old to sleep in his own bed

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I have a 2 year old son and am expecting a baby in Feb. My son has gotten in the habit of sleeping in bed with me and I am trying to break him of it. Any ideas???

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Suzanne - posted on 09/22/2009




hi Jacurlyn,

i just got my 2yr old sons to sleep in their own bed. its difficult but u need to take it slow. dont let them get scared, what i did was i give them a warm bath, cuddle them for a while and then give them warm bottles of milk and we all lie down, i have put some stars on the fans that glow in the dark.u may also like to hold his hand till he dozes off.

dont worry too much it took me 15 days of practise to get this right. keep bed time constant. all the best, suzanne

Adrianna - posted on 09/22/2009




i am doing this with my stb 2 year old little boy... all you gotta do is take it step by step. i ask him if he wants to sleep in his bed... he lays there for a little bit and then comes to my bed. i let him fall asleep in my bed then put him in his... you gotta take it slow and steady.

Cindy - posted on 09/14/2009




hi there, my 16 month old use to cry everynite in his cot, to sleep in our bed, so my husband and i decided to buy him his own toddler bed and he loves it, its just like mummy and daddys. he can climb in and out when he wants we just put a gate at his door so he cant get out of his room, but last night i heard him get up, he walked around his room for a few minutes and this morning i found him snug asleep in his bed. i think he likes the fact that he can get in and out, just like our bed. if that doesnt work just be really firm on sleeping in his bed, i know its easy just to tuck him in with you and hubby, but it will be a habit harder to break as the years go by..just keep taking him back to his bed and tell him this is where he sleeps. a friend of mine even put her toddler bed in her and hubbys room for a few weeks until he got use to sleeping in the bed and then moved it back into his room, it only took a few weeks and he now sleeps in his room. good luck

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