How to get my daughter to telll me she has to go potty?

Casey - posted on 11/05/2008 ( 5 moms have responded )




My daughter is 2 1/2 and very smart. I've been trying to potty train her since June!! She can hold her pee for up to three hours! She can control her pee when it is coming out. She hides when she has to go poop. She knows what the potty is and how to use it. The only problem is she won't tell us when she has to go. We can take her every 1/2 hour and she goes, we can take her every hour and she is dry then goes on the potty. When we are out for a little while she will hold it until I take her when we get home. If I wait too long, she will go in her diaper. She was in panties until my son (now 6 months) she just had too many accidents so I thought maybe she wasn't ready. Now she is in pull ups. We reward with stickers, prizes, color the potty water, make a huge deal when she goes, make a huge deal when she is dry, we make it fun for her to go to the potty (potty train). Nothing seems to work!! I need help. How do I get her to tell me?!?


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As a former pre-school teacher I can tell you that children need to wear underwear and not pull ups during potty training. If she pees/poops in her pants it is a lot more uncomfortable for her to do it in underwear. I would even have her change herself after an accident... to the best of her ability. She will learn quickly that it is annoying to have accidents because it not only takes her away from the fun she was having but now she will find herself accountable for her accident through having to change herself.

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My daughter is about the same age and we have the same problem. She won't tell me. She was doing really well before her brother was born in December of last year. Then she started again about August. I think what did if for her was watching someone else go. She has a cousin about a year older and she is getting ready to go to school next year, Adie wants to be just like her so she started going potty, BUT, only if she is in panties. She won't go if in a pull up. She uses it like a pull up. Have you tried putting books next to the potty. You know to help her "concentrate" I am not sure if that will help, but it's worth a try. That's how Adie took her first "poopy" on the potty. Good luck.


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Sabrina - posted on 11/06/2008




Me too, my daughter is the same age. I also have a baby who is almost six and my daughter loves her pull ups. She calls them big girl panties. I would love advise as well.

Keri - posted on 11/06/2008




One other thing is that she is only 2 1/2 and she has a new little brother that is probably getting a lot of attention. I would relax and possibly backoff a little bit. She gets a lot of attention with potty training and she probably loves the attention she is getting and wants to keep it going. My son also used pull-ups as diapers, so it is a good idea to keep her in underwear. But she will get it at her own pace. Remember, I've never seen a 10 year old in diapers! ;-)

Elaine - posted on 11/06/2008




Hi Casey,

Our daughter is also 2 1/2 and very smart. We are having the exact issue with her potty training. I, too, can use some advice.

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