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Carolyn - posted on 08/05/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son is 21 months old and always wants his soother. I want to get rid of it but when he doesnt have his soother he sucks on his hand instead. Any ideas how to get the soother to be just for sleep time and not have him suck on his hand/fingers/thumb? Should I just wait till he is older to worry about it?


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Nicola - posted on 08/20/2009




My son is20mnths, through the day he doesnt have a soother but he does at bedtime which i dont mind but am trying to get rid of it all together but think he's to young at the moment. He used to have his soother through the day untill i decided i didnt want him to and he was about 12mnths.
What i done was, when he got up i would ask for his soother so he could have his breakfast and not give it back, it would go in the sink to be washed and told him he didnt need it through the day only babys have soothers and he isnt a baby anymore. he was so engrossed in his breakfast he didnt mind I also kept his hands busy either with toys or food. He only asks for it at bedtime but am on my way to stop this soon.
good luck

Kacey - posted on 08/13/2009




We tried a lot different things, read books (Bye Bye Pacifier), tired to limit when she had it, naps, bedtime, & in the car. When we'd get out of the car we'd explain that if she wanted to get out the paci would have to stay & that big girls don't have paci's. We rather her suck on the paci though instead of her fingers. FINALLY at 31 months she misplaced it and hasn't asked for it since, going on 10 days! Don't give up...just keep communicating and they'll get rid of it on their own...good luck!

Angela - posted on 08/12/2009




My son had a passy until he was three. at his well baby check up, I discussed it with his Dr and she told him that the Passy Fairy was going to come soon and take all his Passy's for new babies that needed them and leave a gift in their place (sounded good so I went along with it). we picked a date and kept telling him that it was almost time for the Passy Fairy to come and for him to be my big boy. we discussed what kind of gift he wanted the Fairy to bring. when the date came, we ended up having the Fairy come to both our house and Grandma's and leaving gifts. over the next week he had one or two meltdowns but we kept reminding him of the gifts he got and how the new babies needed the passy's and after two weeks, he forgot all about them. every so often he puts his hand in his mouth and i just tell him to take his hand out of his mouth please and he does.

Kathryn - posted on 08/11/2009




Yes I think you have answered your own question, I work in an early years setting and we usually find that as soon as they enter our setting and see that other children don't have them, they are willing to give them up. We keep them in a child picked coloured cup up on top of the fridge where the child can see it and be reassurred that its still about. You need to try this at home too as consistency is the main thing for it to succeed. There is no set time and 2 is still young, you'll probably find the hand sucking will stop of its own accord, keep his hands busy too - It isn't easy but there's no rush and when the time is right you can post it to Santa or the Easter Bunny - above all DON'T PANIC!! Hope this helps

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