how to get rid of the milk cup at night

Tisha - posted on 11/20/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I have a 3 year old who still takes a milk cup when she goes to bed I have tried taking it away but that didnt turn out like I planned it was easier taking the bottle away.....


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You can ween her the same way you would a botte...dilute her milk until it is only water, she will not want it then. We have an only water at bedtime rule since it is bad to have the milk on their teeth all night long! We also have a no food/drink after teeth brushing *right b4 bed which is why only get water!!!*


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April - posted on 12/03/2009




just take it away, I know it seems mean but they will cry for a day or two and get over it. save their teeth and make potty training easier !! no drink at bed less accidents! at 12 month I just stoped giving her a bottle or anything at night, replaced it with a story. she loves it and so do I

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Change whatever cup she is drinking milk from to a water cup, I did it with my son, I just gave him water one night and he had a big fit with crying and yelling at me for a few days but after that hes been fine and after about 2 weeks of the water cup I would have him take a drink from it before he got into bed and then make him go to bed without one. Again after a few days of being mad and dealing with the yelling and being mad at me and crying hes now almost 4 and has been without a cup for a while and I love it. Best of luck

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this is easy in one way and hard in another, you have to be strong. you give her, her cup like an hour befor she goes to bed that way you know 100% she is not hungry. the hard part is when she goes to bed, she cant have her cup, but you cant give in, just because she cries. this process can take about 2 weeks if you dont given in, also try explainig to her she is a big girl now and does not need her cup to go to sleep.

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I had a problem with that too. My daughter is 2 and i didn't know what to do. Not sure if this will work for you but you can try it. I was potty training her and letting her keep the cup at night. Then I decided after nine o'clock she will not get the cup. She cried a couple of nights for the cup but i still didn't give it to her after a while she started going to bed without the cup without crying and she hasn't mentioned getting her cup for bed since.

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Well, I've found distraction and "out of sight out of mind" to be the best tools in these situations.

For example, if you don't already have something like it in your night-time routine, start reading her a book, or adding a massage, or just telling her about the day she has ahead of her "tomorrow". (For the last suggestion, in my latest psychology class our teacher mentioned something like this, and said it could be used to put your child into a pre-hypnotic state to help them go to sleep any put them in a good mood the next day.)

Also, don't have any cups around your daughter for the last hour or so before she goes to bed. If she asks for a drink, by all means let her have one (of water), but take the cup away once she's done and distract her with something she'll enjoy so she doesn't get too upset about having the drink taken away.

Obviously, don't offer her a drink this past hour, or her normal milk cup. The idea is to get her out of the old routine and into a new one, so you'll mix in aspects that are familiar and toss in ideas she hasn't dealt with before to keep her on her toes, so to speak.

I would say if she still asks for the milk cup, give it to her (but again, take it away once she's done drinking, or if she usually falls asleep with it and has it there when she wakes up, take it away after she's asleep). But, I'm a no-cry sleep mom, so you might have different views about that sorta thing.

This has worked for me in the past, though it rarely happens all at once. Give it a couple weeks, though, and she will eventually stop asking for her milk cup.

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