How to keep your 2yr old in their bed...

Tiffany - posted on 06/10/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Patricia Lynn has been a very good child up until we changed her crib into a daybed. Now she has realized that she can get in and out of it and won't stay in bed no matter what we do...Any advice>


Kate - posted on 06/10/2009




I am suffering with this problem as well. At 2 yrs old my son refused to sleep in his crib, so we converted to a daybed. Then he wouldnt even sleep in his room. All he wanted was to sleep with us! It was very hard!! Now he is almost 4, sleeps in a double bed in his room (we discovered the problem was he was too confined in his small bed) He still comes into our room throughout the night sometimes, but its getting better. Its been a long road! Just keep your head up!

We tried so many different things, I can definitely say I wont do this with child number 2 when we get to that point.. I will be very firm about sleeping in his/her own bed!!!

Rebecca - posted on 06/10/2009




Perservere... Don't let her be the boss.. Give a treat that u can make a longer time each night ie... If u sleep all night here we will go park in the morning, then a wk l8rmake it if u sleep all night we'll go park after lunch or dinner etc... In no time she will stay there But she is a child and every tries at some point to run the roost!!!!!!!

You could get her a duvet cover she really likes and say if you sleep all night tonight in the morning u can have ur new 1 on and if not u cant..

Good luck and just keep putting her bk!!!


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CaitieBeth - posted on 06/10/2009




I had the same problem with my little guy, Jackson, who is 2 1/2. I just kept taking him by his hand and leading him back into his room and into his bed. He cried and yelled for several nights but he got over it. Each time I took him back I would tell him that this was his bed, this is where he slept, and that if he came out again I would, again, put him back in his bed. He got it soon! I also made the bedtime routine very pleasant. Before I left the room we sing together, I would read him a book, and we would pray. Whatever you decide to do make sure you are consistant!

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