How to overcome medical trauma with my little one...

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My son had a diaper rash that became a yeast infection. Presumably, he then itched himself to a staff infection. The doctors avoided saying MRSA, but when you have been on 2 antibiotics and are hospitalized to be given a 3rd IV for 4 days, its a no brainer. Anyway... He was also naked from the waste down to reduce the damp/dark environment germs love. I put him on the potty when I could tell it was imminent (easily spotted because it was so painful) that he had to go so he wouldn't pee all over everything as often as possible. Since then, he has been mostly potty trained with only 1-2 misses a day. But he is still afraid to go, I think because he is afraid it will hurt, and gets very upset even when he knows he has to go, like after he wakes up dry in the morning. Anyone know a way to reduce his fear reaction? We have extra fun books and toys next to his toilet, which work sometimes, and even have positioned one of them near the TV so as to distract him. We celebrate every success and let him chose his undies. Any ideas how to help him overcome his fear?


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I think maybe just with time it will subside but also don't make a big deal out of it with a whole production b4 he goes just sit him on it and leave him be, b/c if you don't he will think it is something and he might just start doing it for attention.but you could also just make a game out of it depending on your son as I don't know him or his age. Hum depending on his age I would give him a couple of cheerios to through in the toilet for "Target" practice get dad to shoot with him make it fun. I sort of did an oxymoron on you for this post but it really depends on your son.

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