how to potty train a boy?? My son just doesn't seem to want to do it.. Please help


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Qurina - posted on 01/17/2009




all those are great ideas.. I tried the cheerios thing and that didn't work. He hates being naked.. He goes potty pretty good, I just have a major problem with him going poo.. Sometimes he will but other times he won't...

Cara - posted on 01/16/2009




I always waited until they showed made it so much easier!! I learned that trick with my first. I tried and tried with him and never had success until he wanted to learn. I always had to have them go naked or just no diaper (I had one who doesn't like to be naked, it worked great with my other 2 though). I would always reward with a little treat when they would try (mine never wanted to try) and a little bit bigger treat when they peed and a hershy's kiss when they pooed. Mine never wanted their potty chairs, all three wanted to stand up like daddy. Once they decided they wanted to it only took a week to be trained, and they were night trained too. The were all trained somewhere between 2 years 6 months and 2 years 11 months. We also rewarded them with a trip to Walmart to pick out their very own toy ($10 or less) that they wouldn't have to share (I have 3 that are 14 months apart so that was a big deal!) Good luck with everything!!

Carol - posted on 01/16/2009




I first bagan with him sitting on the potty seat on the toilet.  neither one of my kids wanted touse the potty.  We would go there every half hour and sit and read a book for about 10 minutes

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I put a Cheerio in the toilet and told my son to aim and pee on it, (used a stepping stool at the big toilet) He didn't like the little potty for some reason. If he's not into it at all then don't try to make him. Try again in a few weeks and maybe he'll be more into it. Also don't use pull ups, just pick a time where you have like a week to just stay at home and let him pee his pants. Its the only way they really learn. It's week three for me and my daughter is down to an accident every second day or so but at first it was like every hour or two. I also give her a Jelly Bean when she goes pee on the potty (without peeing her pants) and 3 or 4 when she goes poo. That really motivated her.

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