How to stop my 15 month old from hitting her sister?

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My 15 month old daughter slaps her 2 month old sister and throws things at her. I sternly tell her NO and she tries to do it again. I want her to learn to be nice to her. Every so often she is really nice. Gives her her nuk, helps me burp her, rubs her head etc., but most of the time she does the opposite, takes her nuk away, hits her on the head, throws small toys at her. I want her to stop but I don't want them to not interact with each other at all. What should I do?


Melissa - posted on 11/29/2010




My son used to do that after I had my daughter(my son was almost 15 months old when his sister was born), we gave him time-outs whenever he was mean to his sister and sofar that has worked, but now that my daughter is getting older she's starting to get her "pay back" on her older brother for being mean to her, I mean she can get down-right mean, she's even gone as far as trying to bite(she's still teething) him. So you might try putting your 15month old daughter on time-out when she's being mean to her sister and praising her when she's nice to her sister. Good Luck :)

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