How to tell when a child is ready to begin potty training?

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My daughter has been interested in what goes on in the bathroom for over a month. I tell her what I am doing, then she waves bye bye as I flush it down. Sometimes she makes her way around to the handle to help mommy flush it down. She can tell me with a nod or shake of the head if she has a pee pee diaper or poopy diaper, and now is always correct. She only speaks the usual baby words like MA MA and DA DA, but just recently mimics different sounds in any series of two or three, and really tries to accurately pronounce words like dog or cat. She walked at nine months and has really increased in her mobility, and can step up and down easily with the help of a hand or if she is feeling confident she will use a railing or doorway for support. I think she would be ready to introduce the potty..but what is the first step? Is it okay to take potty training for a test run?


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Sarah - posted on 11/27/2009




Test runs are good. And eventually the test runs carries on and dry is the norm rather than the exception. Give her a go. She will soon let you know if it is too soon. The one thing I did hear however was that most children do not have full bladder control until they are about 18 months - like anything else though that, I suppose, can vary.

I hope all goes well.

Lady - posted on 11/27/2009




there is no harm in at least introducing the potty. just have it hanging around and letting her play with it. you can tell her what its for and let her try it out. if it turns out she's not quite ready then there's no harm in just having it about until she is. that way it becomes part of the furniture and not such a big deal to either of you.

Alicia - posted on 11/26/2009




with us we had lots of "test runs' with my son, he would get really into it, than he'd have an accident and didnt wanna do it.. so I just gave him time and followed his cues, it took him until he was three to potty train, but when he was ready it was FAST and simple, and hes been accident free since... my best advice is dont push it to happen, it'll happen when shes ready... but theres no harm in trying to see where shes at with it right now! practice makes perfect!

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