I am currently 29wks pregnant & my 3 1/2yr old is starting to act out towards me & my 18mth old.

Patty - posted on 10/19/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son Brixton (3 1/2yrs) has never thrown tantrums or has been mean towards me, daughter or teachers. Recently he has been throwing BAD tantrums and I've tried time outs, redirecting him, I have also started letting him have quality time w/ me one on one thinking its jealousy (he only does this when I'm w/ his sister), taken toys from him, positive reinforcement, holding him in my lap till he stops (that makes it worse), silent treatment, cuddling & telling him I love him & he needs to talk to me not yell & hit . He and I have always had bedtime reading time for 30mins before bed and I've done that all his life. I've recently resorted to letting him sleep in my bed b/c he's the only child that I have done that w/ and call it "special mommy cuddle time". But I'm starting to get exhausted and frustrated b/c what I'm doing is not working anymore.

We do not use spanking as a discipline and won't resort to that. One time I used the silent treatment on him while he was screaming in th car, that worked for that time!!!


Lauren - posted on 10/19/2009




My daughter is going through something very similar. She turned 3 Sept. 1 and my son is 16 months, and I am 33 weeks pregnant. She can throw horrible tantrums, but it seems mainly to be when my son is around. She is usually good whenever he is napping or we are out just the 2 of us (or if she is just out with my husband), but as soon as my son gets up, she starts misbehaving, not listening. I feel like I've tried everything. So, unfortunately, I dont have advice for you, just sympathy and hopefully someone else will reply with some advice that both of us can use!

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