I am having a hard time teaching my daughter to go poop on the toilet . She hides and holds it as long as she can and will always go in her pantys.

Laurel - posted on 02/04/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




What can I do she was really she has alway had a hard time going. It has always hurt her and I have giving her some medicine the doctor has giving me. But I think she is afraid now. What should I do?


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Shauna - posted on 02/06/2009




We had trouble getting our 2 year old to poop in the potty too.  He would pee, but not poop.  He still wore diapers for nap and bed time, so he would hold it until he had on his diaper and then get constipated.  So we asked him like 100 times a day "Where does poo poo go?"  And then he would say "poo poo in potty!"  We would make him tell us that all day long.  We would even have him show us where it goes and all that seemed to work.  It sounds stupid, but it worked.  We also give him a fiber tablet a day to help with it.  We have also gotten him a child's laxative.  Good luck!

Kristina - posted on 02/04/2009




i had the same problem wit my son he wouldn't  go in the bathroom so i went out and bougth one of those potties that make sounds when kids go and when i got home i set it up just outside the bathroom where i can see him,then i took a cup of watter and poured it in the potty just to show him well he loved the music and he sat on that potty for 30 minutes and he finally went ....i didn't have to force him he did it on his own all i had o do was remind him every 10-15 minutes ...just asked him if he had to go and he would say yes or no and that was it...all it comes down to is finding what they will be comfy doing.....get her a book to read on there maybe sit next to her a few times and i'm sure she'll be ok....good luck and hope this helps

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