I am having trouble potty training my son any suggestions ?


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Laurie - posted on 04/08/2009




HI, my son is 2 1/2 and has been potty trained for about 1 month now. What worked for us is this: I set a timer and would bring him to the potty every 20 mins. It took him a few days to go on the potty, but once he did, I gave him an M&M. Once he got the M&M, he was more than happy to go on the potty. He still hasn't pooped on the potty, but from what I understand that takes more time.

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We had gotten a potty chair for our son when he was just over 2. Well, he just wasn't ready. It was causing so much stress for him, I just put it up for a few months. What a difference that made! Then when HE was ready to try again we just completely stopped using diapers. Makes for a lot of laundry for a few days/week, but it's well worth it. At night we used pull-ups and gradually he stopped going in those at night.

Also, we had a poster board that we taped to the wall and everytime he went potty he got a sticker. If he did #2, then he got 2 stickers. He was really into that. Try that if your son likes stickers, mine loves them!

If your finding that your son is getting irritable and upset about it, try just putting the potty training on hold for awhile and try it again in a few months. Some kids just aren't ready...Hope this helps!

Teri - posted on 04/06/2009




My son was about 21/2 yrs old when I started potty training him.  I tried the pull ups on him but he was taking advantage of them so I put him in big boys underwear. He didn't like being wet and it running down his leg and at night I put him in pull ups.  It took him about 2 months to get potty trained.

Jodi - posted on 04/06/2009




I don't have any boys but my mom told me that she turned it into a game for my brother by butting a cheerio or fruit loop in the toilet and having him try to hit it when he peed. This made hime want to use the toilet because he wanted to play the special potty game.

Natalie - posted on 04/06/2009




hi, i start potty training my son went he was about 4months off 3yrs, i started by just putting undies on him and letting him feel the wetness run down his leg, i did that for a day, i was also putting him on the potty aswell in the day time, and i kept saying to him do u need to go toilet, i put pull-ups on him of a night, coz they let them know they are wet first, but i also would wake him up aswell in the night time too... it took him maybe 3months to understand, and then he was right... the little trick is not to put a nappy on him, once u start potty training dont stop coz the it just confusses the child. i hope this helps...

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