I am looking for a new activity for my 2 year son. We have tried the Little Gym and a soccer team. Any other ideas?


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Lydia - posted on 11/24/2008




FInd Music Together in your community. IT's fun, musical, and is great for pounding - there is always a drum jam in the class.

Bahareh - posted on 11/24/2008




Not sure if you are looking for something for every now and then or not but every other week or so I take my 5 year old and my 20 mos old to a place called pump it up. Not sure if you are familiar with it but it's a couple of rooms full of infladables... jumping, sliding playing ball... they love it and it gives me a chance to be a kid with my kids again... Some of them also have times in the mornings usually where they only let in toddlers so they won;t be overruled by the "big" kids...

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