I am looking for something to put my 4 year old into, Need help on this. We live in Columbus Ohio.


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Stephanie - posted on 05/18/2009




Is it a boy or girl? I have my 4 year old girl in gymnastics shes been in it about a year and loves it and she has learned so much! They also have dance that young and i'm thinking of puttin her in this summer!

My 5 year old son has been playing t-ball the last 2 summers depending on your area depends if they take them at 4 or 5. They also have karate again that depends on your area on what age they start taking them .

Also for girls in some area they can start cheerleading at the age of 3

alot of gyms also have mommy and me classes I have heard they are fun!

What i did when i was looking for stuff was googled it online to see what i could find

If you have like a YMCA (swimming place) You could put him or her in swim class you have Tons of things you can do its just finding them in your area

I know both of my children really enjoy doing the extra things and its normally only one day a week for my daughter and sometimes 2 times a week for my son and its only about and hr so its not too long were it losses their attention! You can even pull out your phone book and just start calling around to places.

I work in a daycare and a few of my parent put their kids in daycare 2 times a week just so they could play with other children! It helps with their social skills also gets them use to being away from their parents since they will be starting school soon!

MELISSA - posted on 05/18/2009




I don't live in your area, however, we recently joined our local YMCA and they have several programs throughout the summer for toddlers.

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