I am trying to find a gift for my son's daycare workers,I know that they are tired of candles,etc. There are 5 of them so I am trying to find something that doesn't cost alot, any help will be appreciated.


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Lauren - posted on 11/23/2008




go to bath and body works, get anit- bac soaps they help with handwashing or anti-bac hand gels

Amanda - posted on 11/21/2008




I got my daughter's preschool teacher a gift card to the local coffee shop last year and she loved it.

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As a former pre-k teacher, I can tell you that all of us ALWAYS preferred a gift card...no matter how small the amount. For example, a $15 Visa G.C. Candles are nice, but the good kind that actually smell good cost at least $8 plus the cost for the candle holder (plate) is at least another $5. Teachers make so little money to begin with, so the extra "money" in the form of gift cards allows them to finally buy that "something" that they would normally not purchase. Just an idea!

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