i am trying to find a "toddler book"

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hi! i was wondering if anyone can help me find a book that continues after the traditional baby book leaves off. i have found some before- for my children, but cant seem to find one again. It is just like a baby book, with fill in the blanks and room for photos, etc.

thanks for you help


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Amy - posted on 03/11/2009




Have you tryed your local libray, or your local baby dept.store should know where to look. good luck

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i do also scrapbook.  i use the scrapbboks for things like school photos, awards, etc.  But the books i am looking for were perfect for lillte blurbs and milestones. and it fits nicely with thier baby books. i have been thinking of making my own, but it would be easier to buy a pre made one......

thanks for the help!!!

BEVERLEY - posted on 03/09/2009




have more fun creating a scrap book i do with my kids they enjoy helping to add to it and love putting certifcates and awards from school in it ,you can add anything to it instead of being restricted to what the book has ,give it a go ,let me know x

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