I can't find an answer for this potty training question and I need some suggestions...

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My daughter has been potty trained since after her 2nd birthday. She wears a pull up at night since she still wets at that time and during the day the only time she has on a pull up is if we're traveling somewhere and I know I won't be able to stop if she needs to pee...she pee's a lot. But most days no pull up. My problem is putting panties on her. Every time I put panties on her she wets them just a touch then runs to the bathroom. So she's not just sitting there full out peeing in them, but she wets them just a bit every single time I have her wears them. Most of the time she just goes without panties since she manly wears pants or shorts. I'm trying again this week to get her use to panties (even bought a bunch extra) without wetting them. I wondering if it's something in maybe how she's built that's causing the issues since panties tend to fit that area closer then a pullup or pants. I don't know just looking from some reason why this is happening.


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Have you tried bigger panties. maybe it is too close. Also with my daughter she had an issue and I told her you have to hold it. now when she has to go she runs to the toilet yelling "I'm holding it, I'm holding it".


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It could be a little confusion with the pull up pants if she's used to either wearing them or nothing. I think she's probably forgetting for a moment that they're not pull ups and starting to go.

I'd say be persistant with her, put them on every day (unless pull ups are really reqired) and make sure you carry spares just in case.

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Well I could but I'd have to sew the waist since she so skinny but I might just try that. Every time I put them on her I tell her she has to keep them dry and then she can do her "I'm Dry Dance and song" lol She the dancer so likes it but that hasn't helped :( I think I will try the larger size

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