i cant figure out if my babys ready for potty training?

Candace - posted on 09/17/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




he holds his pee and he gets the concept that he sits on the potty and is suppose to go and when he wets the diaper he wants to be changed should i just put him in underwear????


Tina - posted on 09/17/2009




he is ready.....get him a potty video .i got an elmo one. make it seem fun.say were elmo

.gonna have a potty party, get candy, or something exciting.........tell him we r gonna callelmo, or my son liked curious george to tell him the news...call someone to act like elmo or whoeva your kids favorite character is..to encourage him to go. stop puttin any diapers on the child unless its nap time or bedtime...put undies.pullups didnt work 4 my son.he thought if it felt the same as a diaper.he can go. he will have accidents......dont get angry w/ him though..tell him lil babies pee their pants.r u a baby? ask. also...........try to teach him to hold it in untill he gets to a place to go.........if he dont like the potty .simply put the seat all the way up.let him stand infront ,holding it to aim into the toilet, u can make it fun by putting a chereo and tellin him to try to sink it..lol..but dont give up.it takes time, sometimes weeks.but they'll get it. clap and yell yeeaah!!!!!!! when he does it !! he'll feel like a bigboy when u tell him bigboys go pee-pee on potty....let him watch his daddy or a friends child, bigger bro to see how they do it. goodluck

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