i'd like more tips on potty training any tips?

Alisha - posted on 02/26/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




the little one is a girl about 2 years old and showed signs at 18 months now not so interested so far I've tried the treat and praise thing but she has just stopped all together with the interest in the potty what can i do


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Jen - posted on 02/27/2011




my son is 28 months n he has been using the potty for bout a month he wears pull ups as big boy pants didnt work on him as yet he doesnt know when he needs to wee but he is getting there last week he brought me the potty a few times n sat on there n did a wee today he started doing sumthing not so nice in his nappy as he was down stairs with his nan n he wont tell her wen he needs to go or she doesnt bother to look out for the signs so i just quickly brought him upstairs n manage to catch him in time. Some times i will ask if he needs the potty he sometimes say yes some times say no but i dont force it his stil getting used to it.

Louise - posted on 02/27/2011




If your child shows no interest then it is not time. Wait for her to not like being in a dirty nappy, or go long periods of time with a dry nappy. Also an interest in the toilet and what goes on there is also a sign. My daughter started to show signs at 2 years 2 months and for the last three weeks she has been nappy free with just the odd accident once a week. I started to take my daughter to the toilet with me to start so she saw what went on, then after a week or so she knew she wanted to poo so she asked for the toilet and went and from that time on she has used the toilet. I did use the reward sticker chart to start but she has lost interest in this now. She is just happy to be a big girl and use the toilet.

I never used a potty with any of my kids they went straight to the toilet with a child seat. I never saw the point in training them twice!

My advice to you is wait a little longer she is still very young, and if she shows no interest you are already losing the battle.

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