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I am trying to get my 2 year old off of her soother. My son was so easy to get off of a soother, we took it away and that was pretty much it. But my daughter is a different story. Even during the day if I tell myself i wont give it to her, only at nap time,and she is so nasty, and sookie and miserable. And then I cave in. I honestly dont know how i am going to do this. And i find when i sit her down and try to talk to her about things, she doesnt really quite understand yet. So if i say the soother is going to go in the garbage, shes like ok! then 10 minutes later looks around for it. I need tips and tricks on getting rid of a soother, or as my daughter would call it, "woowee". :)


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Krissy - posted on 02/11/2011




If you want to take it away, just be point blank and encourage her that she's a big girl... enforce that by giving her a new big kid cup to use... new big girl toothbrush, toothpaste, etc... Then tell her no more soothers (pacifier right?) and make sure you get rid of ALL of them... check the toys. Then, remember that every time you cave it will be twice as hard and twice as long to try it next time.

If she gives you grumpy nasty behavior, go ahead and commiserate, but set boundaries. "I know that you miss Soothers, but you may not hit your brother."

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I cut a little hole in the end at first and he wasn't too fussed so i kept snipping until he didn't like it anymore!
Just make sure there is something else they can go to for comfort like a favourite teddy etc. And don't give in!!

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depending on the type of pacifier it wont realy hurt her teeth my oldest had it at nap and bed time until she was almost 3 her dentist said the brand i was using was made to not effect there teeth and her teeth are perfectly fine you could just wait a few months and then tell her she's getting to be a big girl and needs to send her soothers to the babies who need them if she says no wait a week or so and ask her again thats what i did with my oldest and before i asked her the second time she told me on her own she was ready to give them to the babies i think it's easier to get rid of it when there old enough to understand why they dont need it

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Ok, there are 2 options lol, one will work better than the other, but hear them out: (from someone whos been studying child development)
1. you can take it away cold turkey and just be very firm in not giving it back. In fact, you can toss it in the bin, and be rid of it. No temptations then, right? She WILL get over it, but it will be a hard few weeks.
-variation on this: take it away and hide it in the day, and be very firm that she gets it ONLY at sleep times, and must be in bed to have it - this is what we've done with our daughter. then we will do this next step...
option 2: wait until she is at a slightly more reasonable age, approx 30 months (2.5yrs)- but then she should be able to reason enough that you can take it to a "baby shelter" to give it away, or bury it and have it grow a flower for her, etc etc. This way she KNOWS its going away and not returning - and it wont be a traumatising experience for her. Taking it away cold turkey may be easiest now, but in the long run may make her more hesitant to become attached to anything - and attachment is an important skill to learn.
you have to decide for you, obviously, but remember that it isnt hurting her to have it right now, and that you can determine how and the best time to have it gone!
xo good luck

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My 18months old loves his pacifier so badly, but to be honest i havent tried to take it away from him. When he wants it he becomes so resstless and starts crying and once its in his mouth he becomes so peaceful. So for now i would like to keep it at least until he is 2 years old. he has 4 teeth, 2 up and 2 down. i worry about his teeth losing shape though, and lately he likes making funny shapes with his lips like the lower lip would drop a little. it worries me.Anyone heard of a soother doing that?

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I did the "lost" thing with bottles. My kids never took a pacifier. But we just pretended to look for it and couldn't find it. We gave them a sippy - something else to put in their mouths instead of bottle or soother- at naptime and said, use that while mommy looks. Usually my kids fell asleep and when they woke up I just said, I was looking that whole time and cannot find it. We'll look later, let's play...... They forgot about bottles in a week. Not sure if it will work with soothers though. Are 2 year molars coming in? Mine were always more clingy to their "Stuff" and to me when they had teeth coming in.

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i think u have one of 2 things u can do,

wait till she is a bit older and able to understand about giving it to the garden fairys or so on

or the hard one

get rid all together and bin them that way u cant give in and she will see ur not trying to fob her off,

my eldest was very gud as she understood everything,my middle one like tag's not dummies so we spent a day cutting them off and making a pic, and my baby who is about to turn 2, my plan was once she was 2 we would give it the fairys however when we where out 1 week ago she lost her only one and by the time i new it was bed time so she just went with out, it was hard for 3-4 days but now she dont even bother,

gud luck

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