I have a 3 year old boy and just recently had a baby girl. My son is acting up very bad. He hits and

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slaps and my husband and I have to say his name at least four times before he will listen to us. Sometimes we actually have to get up and then he will answer us. Could this all be a jealousy thing since he has a new sister or could it just be typical three year old behavior or could he possibly have a mild case of adhd?


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Angela - posted on 09/13/2009




it is definitely a jealousy thing and i hate to say it but it doesn't usually get any better. try to have a special day with just "mommy and him" so he will see that he is still important. my daughter is almost 6 and my son is 2 and 1/2 and she will sometimes do "cute" things trying to get our attention. And when i say cute, i mean things a 2 year old is cute but when a 6 year old does it it is annoying. just always reassure him you love him and that he is just as important as his sister.

Shirley - posted on 09/13/2009




Oh this sounds too familiar!! How old is your new born? I found with my daughter it took her about 8-10 weeks to get over the shock of having a little sister..... or was it to forget what it was like without her new sister lol. My daughter was only 15 months old when my 2nd daughter was born, but all of a sudden she would throw these huge tantrums, was really irritable, wouldn't eat, was night waking again at least 5-6 times a night screaming out for me, would not listen to us infact do the exact opposite of what we asked her, and the separation anxiety was unbarable!!!! I thought I was never going to survive this and I would never see the end of this behaviour. All I can tell you is that it does get better, and the behaviours do disappear. It may take a little longer for you as your son is 3 and has a better memeory than a 15 month old. Thank goodness infants don't require much other than feeding and sleeping, show all your attention to your son, even when feeding get him to sit by you and read him a book ( get him to turn the pages for you) when bathing your baby get him involved and helping you, I used to get my oldest daughter to wash my babies feet, and basically when you are not changing nappies or doing those thigs then ignore the poor infant and play with your son. When he feels confident he is not being replaced or "thrown out" he will come around. Oh the other thing I found really helpful was a book about bringing home baby, we read it over and over again. Just be patient your son will come around eventually :)

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I would say a bit of both jealousy and the three yr old stage. You need to take some one on one time with him to let him see that you still love him just as much as you did before the baby came. Get him involved with the baby, let him change her or help pick out her clothes etc. He will come around but it sounds like he is feeling a bit left out. Good luck

Erica - posted on 09/13/2009




We had very similar experiences with our daughter. The best thing we could do was get her to help out with the baby by getting things like diapers and burp clothes and even got her to help give her bottles. That way she was getting just as much attention as the new baby requires. Also make sure you make extra time (like when the newborn is asleep) to spend just with the toddler doing his favorite things.

Lord - posted on 09/13/2009




i had that happened to me with me son. I found out he was just jealous of the new baby my mother in law told me to lay my son on his back swaddle the baby and roll her on his back and it work he never hit me or anyone that held the baby again.

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