I have a 4 year old that is potty trained during the day but i can't get her trained at night. Any suggestions?


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Amanda - posted on 01/25/2009




I have this same problem with my 4-year-old.  I am starting to follow what my SIL does, which is wake up at 12 a.m. (after child goes to sleep at 8:30) and take them to the bathroom.  She's working on this with her 6-year-old.  She is seeming to have a little bit of luck, in that the child is fine going right back to sleep and is aware of it.  I have a VERY hard sleeper, though, and it's really hard to get him awake enough to go pee at midnight.  Plus, I then have a hard time going back to sleep and I desperately need my sleep.  I think back to my childhood and I wet the bed (before pull-ups) till I was 7 or so.  I just figure that my 4yo seems to be similar and it'll take him a long while to wake up fully and be able to go on his own.

Tara - posted on 01/25/2009




my only advice would to give her a drink before going to bed and going to the toillet befor going to bed that worked on my daughter and i havent had ay problems yet

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We didn't give our little girl drink about an hour before bedtime.  Made her use the bathroom before she went to bed.  Then around 10:30 or 11 pm we would take her to use the bathroom.  She finally got into the hang of it.  It took sometime of taking her before she could go by herself.  Don't lose hope.  We also use training underwear rather than the pullups so she would know when she peed in her underwear and it made her more aware of her urgency to pee.

Kathleen - posted on 01/25/2009




hi my 3 year old has been using the toilet since she started potty training i give her a drink 1 hour before bedtime and make her go toilet before bed she sleeps thru without wetting the bed

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