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Tiffany - posted on 10/15/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




My two year old almost three is starting to bite people..I have no idea where he got this but he is doing it! Any advise on this..some people told me to bite him after he bites..but I just don't know about that?!?!


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Traci-Lee - posted on 10/21/2009




it is safe to bite ur child back and it is a good way to teach him no as long as u are not biting hard enough to leave a mark just hard enough to let him know how it feels and show him that he doesnt like it some times this works sometimes this doesnt for instance my daughter is a biter and when we bite her back no matter how hard she laughs thinking it is a game so we have decided to punish her by putting her in time out this is working. find something that he doesnt like like sitting still for a short amount of time and make him do it when he bites after a while he will realize that he doesnt like being put in time out so he wont bite. but try the biting part first for most kids this method does work i promise

Candyce - posted on 10/21/2009




I don't agree with biting him back. This will just let him think that it's ok, or that it's a game. My daughter is 18 months old and we've started time out. I take her to the hallway where she has no toys. I get down to her level and say "Zoey, you are in time out for biting (or whatever it was she did). You need to sit here for one minute''. You sit them for one minute for their age, so if your child is three, you will sit them there for 3 minutes. When the three minutes are up you go back to your child and say " you were in timeout for whatever they did, tell me youre sorry''. Since my daughter is still too young to say sorry, she just gives me a hug. When they're older I guess you can have them tell you why they were in timeout. If she gets up from timeout before I go get her, then her minute starts over and I tell her that she can not get up till I go get her. Remember to always get down to their level when talking to them. You don't want them to feel like you are overpowering them or something. Makes them feel more comfortable I guess. God, I love super nanny. LOL. She sure helped me alot from watching her shows.

Heather - posted on 10/21/2009




i agree with whoever told you to bite back... my daughter pinched and hit... i didnt agree with doing it back because how can you tell your kid not to do something by doing it right??? but truly i dont think they know what it feels like until you show them. i pinched my daughter back once becuase i tried so many other things and she cried but then said she was sorry and never did it again!!! i say bite back hard enough so that you never have to do it again...its not fun but one time if you do it right and it will never be an issue again. good luck!!!!

Christine - posted on 10/21/2009




We too were told to bite my daughter back (she started biting around 1 1/2) -but it seemed that would only confuse her since we were telling her biting hurts and no bite, and then doing the exact thing we told her not to do. Insread, we read the Biting Hurts book every night for a month (school read it about once a week too) and every time she opened her mouth we reminded her "teeth are for smiling, not biting and use your words" She's 3 1/2 now and still bites every once in awhile-but only when she is very tired and having a tantrum. It will pass but it is stressful and worrying when it is happening.

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I personally tried everything from time out to spankings to taking something away. the only thing that worked for my daughter was to bite her back. she didnt realize it hurt until then and it only took once.

Carolee - posted on 10/20/2009




I would (lightly) flip my son on his mouth when he bit. He got the point that it hurt, and that it wasn't appropriate, but he was also quite a bit younger when he did that (just turned 1, I think). If time-outs and talking sternly about it doesn't work, and you're willing to try it...

Christy - posted on 10/20/2009




No don't bite back, he will just think it's ok then. I put my kids in time out (in their bed) until they stop crying right after a biting episode. They are 1 and 2.

Rosanna - posted on 10/20/2009




This might sound horrible but the best remedy is to bite them back . They will never do it again .

September - posted on 10/16/2009




I would say don't bite him back. If you are trying to get his to stop biting then biting him back is not the answer. Our little sweet ones lead by example. I would just tell him that's it's not nice to bite. I believe that it's just a phase that he is going through and this too shall pass. Good luck :)

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