I have a seventeen month old daughter and am pregnant again. How do I break the news to a fairly unsupportive family?

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Hi, I have a seventeen month old fantastic daughter and am prenant again. My in laws and parents are not supportive of anything my husband and I do but we feel that this shouldn't matter in our day to day decisions. What would be the easiest way to break it to them?


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I would be honest with them. Tell them how happy you are and how much their support would mean to you. Best wishes and good luck.

Adrienne - posted on 05/12/2009




If you and your husband are happy, you definitely need to preface the news with your excitement and pleasure. Your happiness should be their happiness as well. Perhaps you could make arrangements for a dinner date or outing in a public place and invite a few friends. That way, if the news is not received well, or if anyone attempts to make you fell uncomfortable, you will have the diversion of food, friends and even wait staff to make the experience more bearable. In addition, the added people will probably deter anyone from making a scene or addressing private information. Most importantly, let everyone know that their support is important to you and your husband; any negativity will not be validated by you. You could even begin the conversation with, "As you all know, your support and love means a lot to hubby and I. We wanted everyone to join us tonight in celebration because....." Good Luck.

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