i have a toddler who refuses to potty train

Angela - posted on 08/15/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




i have a 3 yr old son who refuses to potty train.yet he does not want to be in diapers anymore. my sister whos worked in daycares and as a nanny tells me to just put him in underware and after a while he won't like peeing or pooping himself and then he will go potty. does anyone else have any other tips other than just putting him in underware. help!


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Janet - posted on 08/22/2011




my son was just the same - he isnow 3 and a half and we used the reward system for him - u just have to figure out his weakness (for us it was his love of cars and trucks) and use this against him - it took 3 weeks and now not so many accidents - boys take longer than girls because they are basically lazy....so mayb try that

Alda - posted on 08/22/2011




I have twin girls (3rd birthday this week, born at 28 weeks). We got them potty trained in one week using the Potty Boot Camp (Google it), they've been trained for almost 5 months now and we've only had about 4 accidents in that time (apart from the one who has poo problems - chronic constipation). I cannot recommend the system enough. Hope this helps :-)

Michelle - posted on 08/21/2011




Don't force him. All four of my boys let me know when they were ready. My oldest were one month shy of turning 4 before they were ready. They came and told me and they were literally day and night trained. My other two were anywhere from a couple of months past three to almost three and a half. They all told me when they were ready and they were day and night trained that day. This does not mean my husband and I weren't working with them. We were talking to them, making games, bribing, and such about going to the bathroom.

I didn't have time to put them on the toilet every couple of minutes either. With my first (twins) I talked to my pediatrician about them being so late. She told me all kids will get potty trained unless they have some sort of handicap. You don't see anybody graduating High School in diapers. She was right. After that I was more relaxed with training and everything and then they were trained.

I have friends who's sons might be day trained, but still have night accidents and sometimes day accidents and they are in elementary school.

Don't pressure your son. Just work with him and be encouraging. Don't make him stressed out then you'll probably have problems for awhile. It'll happen.

Good luck!

Catherine - posted on 08/21/2011




Make him responsible for his pants. If they are wet or messy, he has to change them. He'll need help for the messy ones. After 2 days of changing her own pants, my daughter was ready to use the potty and we had very few accidents anymore. Get movies and books about the potty. I used Potty Power and she loved it, watched it over and over and would yell Potty Power every time she used the potty.

Kristy - posted on 08/20/2011




we did the potty party everytime she wees or poos i sing a song like pee pee on the potty make it real fun.now she sings it and claps and laughs when she does it to.(the things we do to make them go potty :)

Marcy - posted on 08/17/2011




If you are home set the timer on your stove for every hour. When it goes off have a Potty Party and run to the bathroom together. Honestly just putting him in undies is the way to go. if he has an accident let him help you clean it up, don't punish him and then say "oh well, next time let's try and make it to the potty instead.". My son didn't really get the whole thing going until he was about 3 1/2 years old. Eventaully we all learn to use the toilet.....

Rosie - posted on 08/15/2011




my last son was like this-actually all of mine were like this to a degree. he was terrified of the toilet. i put it in the livingroom, and that helped.
honestly just consistancy, don't wear diapers or pullups, and putting him on it every 45 minutes to an hour seriously helps heaps. of course praise the hell out of him, and if you want -give a prize.
it really is no harder or complicated than that. i'm not a fan of forcing s child to do something, but i did have to force my son to sit on the toilet one time, hugging him, praising him and reassuring him the whole time. of course he didn't go, but it did gain more confidence about using the toilet. it was super scary for him.
idk, if i'm much help, lol. good luck!!

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