I have a two year old and now a newborn. My two year old was doing fine with the potty training befor he was born but now see it as well if he doesn't have to go on the potty why should I how do I fix this?


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Candice - posted on 06/30/2009




i agree that you should emphasize to him the benefits of being a big boy and reward him for using the potty with "big boy" rewards. either time spent with just him doing things he can't do with the baby, or with treats or toys or games that only big boys get. it's a natural stage, but it will end if you make sure he feels loved and wanted and special as a big boy.

Cheryl - posted on 06/29/2009




This same thing happened to me. My son was two when my youngest was born. He also went potty until the baby arrived. I took a break from potty training until we all became comfortable with the newest member of our family and then went back to potty training. I always asked if he needed to use the potty though. Then I took an old calendar and let him put a sticker in one square each time he used the potty. If he filled a week then we would do something special with just him. He also got extra special stickers and a prize from our grab bag for pooping (which took much longer). It also helped to have him around other kids his age who were already potty trained.

Melissa - posted on 06/29/2009




I noticed regression as a normal toddler stage when there is a newborn in the house. I, personally, was just patient with it. I tried to point out the benefits of being a big boy/girl. Saying things like, "hey why don't you go potty like a big boy, and then we can get you a big boy drink." or, "Hey big boy, will you get the her a baby toy while I get you a big boy toy?" my kids seemed to get out of the stage pretty quickly. Not sure if me pointing out the difference helped or not.

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