i keep reading that at one dummys should be taken off children and potty trained at one ?

Holleigh - posted on 07/12/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




i got a 26 month old that as a dummy that i cant get rid of an he does not want to use toilet yet is it wrong that other mums make there children be forced to not have a dummy and be made to use to go to the toilet as im a first time mum an havent a clue


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Deborah - posted on 07/14/2010




I was looking for ideas when my daughter was about 2 for getting rid of her dummy. I found a thing on the internet called bye bye binky, worked a treat and in about 4 days my daughter give them up altogether.

Children who continuously suck a dummy after a year can develop speech disorders, because they learn to talk with a dummy stuck in their mouth, when they get rid of the dummy it can be like having to retrain them, this doesn't mean it happens to everyone.

As for the potty training there are signs you can watch for for when your child is ready, it doesn't matter what age you aim for, if he's not ready then he's not ready.

Watch for signs that he knows he's going to the toilet, or even better tells you.

Usually they will start to dislike the feeling of a wet/dirty nappy and tell you to change it.

Is physically capable of going - ie can pull trousers/pants up and down

Can follow simple instructions (such as "Give me the toy.")

Starts to be dry for periods of time, instead of just going all the time they actually wait for their bladder to fill and empty it in one go instead of small trickles.

Sasha - posted on 07/14/2010




i took my daughters dummy off her just after she was 1.she used to have it all the time but every one was moanin at me to get her off it so in the end i just let her go to bed with out and crying for a bit.it took a few nights to get used to it and she not had it since.shes also potty trained now she didnt want to go on the potty so we sat her on the loo she cried but i sat her on there and now she just has a nappy for night time and thats it x

Desre - posted on 07/13/2010




I say you do what you feel is right, no one has the right to tell you what to do with your baba. Your a good mommy and your baba loves you. That's all that matters, but be careful that the dummy doesn't interfere with speech and teeth. Goodluck

Louise - posted on 07/13/2010




All three of my children have had a dummy for as long as they wanted it at night. None of my children were interested in a dummy during the day after about 1 but they all found comfort in it at night time. When your child is ready to leave out the dummy they do it by themselves with no stress involved. As for the potty training only you can decide when the best time is for your child as each child is different. Just look for the signs of a dry nappy for long periods of time, an interest in the toilet and a dislike to having a nappy on. Take the lead from your child and it takes all the stress out of growing up. Take no notice of what people say you are the expert with your child.

Jen - posted on 07/13/2010




you say you keep reading that at one children should be potty trainned at one n not have a dummy. also they say they should be talking by one n walking by one n sleeping through at one its aload of rubbish. each child is diffrent they will do things when they am ready and not before, the more the years go on they keep putting the ages back like potty trainning can be started between 2 n 3 n moving beds can be done at 3. i wouldnt worry just do whts right for your child.

Holleigh - posted on 07/12/2010




i think when there ready they will use the potty an for the dummy he only as it to go to bed so i dont think its a problem my mum says let them be before you know they will be grown up

Chelsey - posted on 07/12/2010




I'm of the opinion that you do whats right for your family. My eldest had her soother until 26 months for bedtime and we got her to throw it away herself, and my 20 month old still has hers (I think she'll get it taken away this fall). As for potty training my eldest was 2 1/2 when she finally consistantly started using it.

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