i need help

Rebecca - posted on 08/28/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




amfeeling really sad.

mine girl of two is always hurting her niee of 2,5months younger.

she pulls her hair.

i always punish her by putting her in the kitchen with the door closed.

we live with mine parend in law,so mabey she sees her niece as a intruder.

but i think its not about her.as she hits her friend that is a few months older than her.but he hits back and mine daughter is afraid and dont hurt him any more.

her niece does not do anything back to mine daughter.she love her so much that she always does everything mine daughter does.

now last time she trow a rock ad her niece.but i blame mine husband for that and mine brother in law as they where trowing stones to one and other infront of the kids.i dont think mine daughter wanted to hurt her niece as she is just to and dont understand yet wat could happend.

mine brother in law called mine child agressive.thats has hurt me really a lot.

she is just two.

i learn her wright and wrong.i punish her if its needed.

i think am doing a good job.wat can i do to stop mine daughter to hurt her niece.

i was a teacher for children of 3months till 4years for ten years.but its diffrend.

i know lots of kids are like mine daughter


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Lennie - posted on 08/31/2009




You definitely gotta nip this in the butt....for some kids, unfortunately, don't grow out of this stage....that's when they become bullies. Go down to her at eye level, talk with her and help her understand that she's hurting her. And as for the adults there, pay attention to your actions because these lil beings follow by examples.....

Rebecca - posted on 08/30/2009




i take her out of the situation.

i think its just a fase.and it wil pass.

as i see when her niece comes mine daughter is happy.

no its mine husbands brother in law.

he finaly said sorry.

but i wil never forget that word.

that day ad the lake was great mine daughter was perfect.dident do anything mean.til the stone thing.

witch amstil blaming the men for.

because mine daughter copy everything.

she is just two.

the best thing that workes for her is to put her in the kitchen with the dor closed.

hitting,pulling hair back is for me the same thing you do to the other.witch your punishing her for.so why its good for me to do backand not for her.

i really hope it pass soon.

thanks for responding

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Does the little niece protest and/ or cry? It's beginning to sound more like a difference between the 2 parents. Regardless, you know your child and how to best "get through" to her. Tell her, sternly, to be nice to her friend. If she is not, remove her for a few minutes. As for the nieces dad - your bro.?- Oh boy, will he eat his words!

Beth - posted on 08/30/2009




sit down and talk to her about how she would feel if other kids did the same thing to her my little girl does the same thing to her brother and i had to start doing the same things to her to get her to stop so that she would realize how it makes her brother feel when she does those things to him and let her know that she is older then her and that her niece looks up to her and she loves her and she needs to look out for her niece and not harm her because family is one of the most important things

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