i need help!!!

Tiana - posted on 04/24/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




i need ideas on activities for me and my son! i will also throw in that he has the attention span of a beetle! i would like something that grabs his attention and something that he will enjoy!


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Jennnifer - posted on 04/27/2010




play dough, finger paint or whipped cream with food coloring, crayons and paper...put a towel on the floor fill a bucket with water and add some cups spoons bath toys and just let him have fun

Tiana - posted on 04/26/2010




sorry hes 2 turning 3 in september! oh melissa i dont think its weird jayden raids my closet and tries to go downstairs in heels yikes! louise thanks a bunch it would be nice to get him to help and still have fun! thanks everyone you've helped with ideas!

Melissa - posted on 04/26/2010




I know this sounds weird, but my kids are obsessed with shoes. They love to try to put them on and take them off. I will dump out their shoe drawer and let them play. They love it and try to put shoes on their stuffed animals.

Megan - posted on 04/26/2010




My daughter is almost 2 and she's been helping me in the kitchen making her lunch, dinners, and even fun snacks. Theres a ton of recipies that are very kid friendly. We also go to the park now that it's nice now at least twice a week so she can get outside and play and just run! Zoo's and kid meuseums are always a fun idea too that way they can learn outside of the home. A lot of zoo's have a hands on area for just kids. Going for walks, or even just getting a blanket and going outside to eat and play.

Louise - posted on 04/26/2010




You do not say how old he is! My children at around 18 months were in the kitchen making cakes and decorating biscuits with funny faces. As they got older we did paper mache with flour and water and old newspapers. We finger painted and foot painted, we grew vegetables in tubs and did the gardening. They cleaned there toys in buckets of hot water whilst I washed the car. Any actvity can be adapted for a child. Even making the shopping list by the time my boys were five they had their list in picture form to get from the market.Doing the housework the boys helped me dust and vaccum. It takes planning sometimes but with a bit of thought there is nothing you can't do with a small child. Just get creative! If you have fun your child will have fun to!

Rana - posted on 04/26/2010




How old is he? Try to make some kind of a schedule for both of you. You could both go to playgroups on a regular basis. Make time for physical activities like hide n seek (my 16 months old plays with me and my husband). Story time, song time, and TV time (elmo and nursery rhymes..) If he's more than 15 months old or so, try to consider putting him in a daycare for 3 hours in the morning. That will make his attention span less and will get him socialize more, learn to share, play with other babies, feel a bit independent, feel more excited about getting home, and miss his toys. Not to mention the 3 free hours for yourself. My 16 months old has been going to a small daycare for about 3 weeks and she enjoys it. She cried for several days when I left her and went away. But later, she would get inside and feel excited to play with the kids. However, she only goes 3 times a week. I think it's enough for a while...

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