I need help & advice on pottytraining a 3 year old boy!!!


Louise - posted on 06/11/2009




What worked for me is just going to the store and buying lots of big boy pants and then throwing away all the pull-ups and putting him directly into the pants - we made a big fuss about them, and bought him ones with lightning mcqueen on as he adores cars.

Spent about a week saying to him constantly "Do you need a wee-wee of poopy?" which he largely ignored as he just continued to go in his pants. After about a week of gentle and not so gentle admonishing, he started using the toilet and has not looked back.

I would say make sure he's ready (we potty trained mine at 3 years old too), throw away the diapers and just go for it! Also, well worth giving him a potty time book (like Elmo's) and maybe giving him little rewards / reward chart until he gets the hang of it.


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i am going through this right now and i have tried the pullups but they are not working he just uses them like a diaper.. ugh.. so we are making a trip to the store tommorrow and i will let him pick out some undies and then because i have carpets throughout my house we are going to party in the kitchen with his potty and new undies and hopefully he will get it.. i wish i started earlier but i think the best way since he is so used to diapers is to go right into the undies my first son he told me when he was ready so that was fantastic but my second son he wants nothing to do with it i am hoping once he starts going and sees how great he did then it will be smooth sailing and i also hope that my 2 yr old sees this and he wants to try it as well and then i will only have a 1 yr old in diapers.. wont that be awesome.. well good luck i would go right into the undies i think it is the only way....the pullups our too much like diapers....

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