i need sum help w/ gettin my 19th mnth daughter 2 go 2 sleep in a toddler bed in her own room

Wendy - posted on 02/16/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




my 19 mnth old daughter is getting 2 big 4 her crib. we r trying 2 switch her 2 a toddler bed in her own room ut she is totally fighting it soooo hard rite now. my 3 ye old son was in his own bed @ 18 mnths w/ very lil probs. can some1 pizzzz help me so she can handle it better & i can keep whut lil sanity i have left??!! :) any suggestions would be greatly appreciated . thnx in advance


Sunny - posted on 02/16/2010




my son went into a big bed at 10 months because he could get out of his cot by than and it was too dangerous. let her pick out her own bedding with pictures she like and let her help u take the crib down and make the new bed.. hope that helps..

Stephanie - posted on 02/16/2010




I got my two yr old in a big bed and his own room no problem at all!! He was about 16 -17 months! I let him pick out the color of his room and he helped paint! He got to hold a paint brush and a small cup or paint and painted over the wall that I already painted. Then the day we moved his bed in he got to "help" take apart the crib and set up his new big boy bed! I let him feel involved in doing his room and that day we played in his room for a good protion of the day he helped move all of toys and cloth into his room so he knew that nothing go left in mine! Everynight for the first week or so we read a couple books and talk and sign songs but he was constintly told how proud i was of him sleeping in his big bed! We also got a fish night light one of things thats like a 3D fish tank! Now he doesnt even let me lay with him anymore he has to read by himself until he falls asleep! Its takes time and patience! Just keep reminding her that your proud of her and talk about her room with her maybe do something new to her room and let her feel involved like letting her help change her sheets or pick out a comforter! Thats what worked for me! hes been in his own room in a twin bed for about 6 or 7 months now


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Barbara - posted on 02/16/2010




good luck with that, Im still trying to get my two year old to sleep alone
I got her to sleep in a normal bed but she still climbed to ours sooo we moved to her bed and now she sleeps in our and DH and I sleep in hers lol.... but I cant get her to sleep in her own room aand she still climbs in to bed with us..... if u manage to do it plz let me know how u did it

Polly - posted on 02/16/2010




why does she need to be in her own room - she is still really little. Have you thought about putting a toddler bed next to yours? She will choose when she is ready for her own room and if you let it be in her time, when she chooses she will continue to sleep in her own room. If you force her she will spend the next x years trying to get back through your door.

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