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Candace - posted on 04/09/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




my little girl is turning 3 in may what are some good ideas for a party and what games can you play to keep the kids entertained?


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User - posted on 04/11/2009




For my 3 year old daughter B-day we had it at our home we blowed up ballons and had prizes in them like stickers, necklaces,braclets,ext; we post them up on boards and had them pop them with darts. Of course parents were watching to make sure there were no oppsess and other stations like that with someone paiting faces. I also had a cotton candy maker and popcorn maker it was a hit the kids felt like the were at a fair. I also made hude cute outs and they stick there faces in them and I took pictures of them to take home it was one of the best partys I have thrown. For goody bags i went to the dollar store and got a pail and shovel combo and put there candy in it that they got from the pinata. The kids still talk about it until this day I also had a jumpy there it was more like a fair them party. GOOD LUCK

Melissa - posted on 04/11/2009




Hmmm... My daughter will be 3 in June...Happy Birthday to your little one! This year we are having a "Farm theme" she loves going to papa's farm. The cake will be a barn, and little cupcakes will be farm animals (recipes in Taste of Home cookbook). As far as games, well you could go classic with pin the tail on the donkey or drop clothes pins in jars. You could go as simple as follow the leader, leap frog, red light green light, mother may I? We are having only family not other little tots yet, (seeing as most of my friends don't have children yet or their little ones are infants!) we will probably end up at papa's farm too! Good luck on what you decide!! :)

Tammy - posted on 04/09/2009




Does she like balloons?  You could make balloon flowers to use as decorations and also let people take them home as party favors. 

You could play all kinds of games with balloons such as who can keep their balloon up in the air, who can pop theirs 1st, etc.

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