ideas on how to take my 2 year old off the bottle??

Johanna - posted on 07/14/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




my 2 year old is still on the bottle and i was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how do i take it away from him n get him off? you know how some kids have blankets or teddy bears as attachments well his is his bottle.. but id really like to take it away. and get rd of it.. he does have a younger brother who is 1, and he barely wants his bottle so he'll be easy to take off.. i do send them both to bed with there bottles.. does anyone have an ideas on how to help me???


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Alright, this might sound hard but heres what i did. my son was 16months, and i threw all the bottle away. every single bottle i had in the house was tossed in the trash. that way i couldnt give in, and that was it. its a bit of a stuggle at first, but with them in the house i found myself giving into his whining about it. after a few days, that was it. he forgot about them, and everything was normal again. because you have a second child, depending how far into 1 he is, you can still toss them out!

Sophia - posted on 11/23/2012




frist you must take him to the store and let him pick out big boy cups. then at night big boys drink water just befor they go to bed out of their big boy cup. then big boys get read to and mommy tell him how much she love's him ... only work when you make them feel they have did it on their own...he gets to replace the bottle and let him help with getting the water.

Casey - posted on 07/19/2012




I would just pack them up and give him a sippy. I had my daughter off bottles by 10 months. I introduced a sippy at 6 months and offered first a sippy with breast milk, if she refused it or didn't finish it, I would pour it into a bottle for her, but always the sippy first. She had times she would finish the sippy and times she would refuse it and only take the bottle. I never forced it. ( i also nursed but i work full time, so she got bottles/sippy cups during the day. By 10 months she never needed the bottle anymore and I packed them up. I think itbworkedvbc she was so young, so I don't know if that's very helpful for you. She's now 18 months and drinks from a hard spout sippy or a regular cup (I give her a few sips at a time to decrease spills, but she does really well with it). Since your son is older I would maybe try to get both kids off bottles now and put them all away. Your son can help pack them up, and tell him he can help get his baby brother get off bottles by showing him how to drink from a cup(or sippy). Kids that age love to help.
Please don't put your kids to bed with bottles, at any age, it really does cuse severe tooth decay! And I wouldn't introduce a paci, he's already 2, it will just continue to mess up his teeth and his bite. I think the first week will prob be really hard, but he will get used to it.

Cherish - posted on 07/14/2012




You should not be sending them to bed with the bottle,it can cause terrible tooth decay,(unless it is just water)I know you have probably heard that 5 million times,and I am not saying it to be a jerk,I am saying it b/c I did it and my son had to get his teeth fixed and that was not fun at all(tho he has developmental disabilities and drank a bottle until he was

Ok so the thing about the bottle you really care if he has it?Really if it is like his security blanket would it bother you if he kept the bottle?
You could "trade" him something else(like a toy he picks out) for the bottle..
I put ONLY water in my daughters bottle after she was 15 months,then she hated it because it was just water.You could also replace the bottle with a pacifier,or you can cut the nipple off the bottle,just a tiny bit each day until eventually it is more like a

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