is it harder to potty train boys or girls


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Michele - posted on 12/22/2008




Depends on the child. Summer is easier then winter ( less clothes). I have 3 . One was trained at 2 (g) the other 3 (b) and I have a 21month old (b) . What I do w/ him is just let him sit on the potty before a bath, he`s already naked so it`s easy.He`s been using it for 3months now & not afraid of flushing. Try it and never make a big issue

Ginger - posted on 12/21/2008




from my experience so far Id have to say boys are easier than girls my son was done at 18 months and my daughter now going on 2 is only day trained..

Katie - posted on 12/16/2008




As a mother of four I believe it has to do with the personalty of the kid. My oldest, a boy, didn't potty train until he was almost 4, my second, also a boy, was potty trained at 2 and 1/2, my third, a girl was trained just before two, and our fourth, another boy, is only five months.

Amanda - posted on 12/16/2008




I believe it depends on the kid. My daughter is going to be 4 in January and I just got her out of diapers over the summer. She really didn't want any part of potty training for the longest time and believe me I tried numerous times. I believe that you will know when they are ready and until then take your time. It may not work for everyone but it worked for me.

Kelli - posted on 12/16/2008




My son was easy. Done at 2. My daughter just turned 3 and still can quite get it. She is so stubborn thought. I have heard that girls are easier but I am not seeing it.

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