Is it normal for my 19 month old to not eat meat of any kind?

Laura - posted on 08/08/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 19 month old WILL NOT eat any kind of meat, chicken, or fish. What is going on? Should we worry or is this normal for kids his age? We have tried blending it up and put it in his food but then he refuses to eat. We have given it to him plain, no seasoning, still won't eat it. We have tried covering in cheesy sauce or tomato sauce, he picks it out and throws it on the floor. Even the chicken in chicken noodles soup. We are at loss.


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My daughter never liked meat, and even today at age 19 she still doesn't eat much meat. In addition, kids at the age your son is often have very particular and limited food preferences. They aren't growing as fast as when they were infants and it sometimes seems scary to see how little they eat. My daughter at that age ate only "peas and papas" (green peas and mashed potatoes), my son only macaroni and cheese, and my niece only green beans, rice and soy sauce. Eventually we got my daughter to eat tofu and chicken breast but it took a long while. My son still eats a limited diet, and would exist on chicken nuggets alone if we let him.

You might talk to your pediatrician about possibly getting your child to drink some Ensure or a pediatric version to be certain he is getting enough protein. However, if he is at a good weight and height for his age, then I wouldn't worry much. You can also see if he might eat one of the fruit-flavored Greek style yogurts. They have a nice amount of protein per serving because some of the "water" has been removed to thicken the yogurt.


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Cindy - posted on 08/13/2011




my son is the same way and at age 3 still won't eat meat. try salami, sliced ham etc. He can get his protein from other sources (unsalted cashews, other nuts, etc). Coould be a texture thing, a visual thing or just being picky. It happens, dont stress or over worry, as long as he is healthy and happy!

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it is fairly normal for kids of ll ages to go through this stage - my stepson goes through a stage of not eating certain foods every other day! i agree to check out with your doctor re his protein intake needs, and load him up on vegies, etc to make sure he still is fuelled up :)

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