Is it normal for my 22 month old to loose interest in food?

Bethany - posted on 02/16/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




All of a sudden my son is not wanting much food...we think he eats it but hes just slipping it behind himself or playing with it. Seems to not like meat anymore and sometimes wont even eat mac & cheese or PB&J which are kid classics...


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Elizabeth - posted on 03/08/2010




My daughter went through this too. She didn't seem to eat that much from the time she was about 18 months til she was a little over 3 years old. Now we can't seem to fill her up.....She never lost any weight and was always in the 50th percentile so we didn't worry much. My son is just now 23 months and for the last couple months he hasn't really been eating all that much.

Janice - posted on 02/17/2010




ı wouldnt wori if he looses ıntrest they do tat a few times jst give him finger foods ı used to chop up chıcken and leave ıt on a plate or fruıt it passes

Terri - posted on 02/17/2010




Yes I agree, all of my kids started slowing down and getting picky when they hit the almost 2 year old mark. Try presenting the food in interesting ways, like making shapes with his sandwiches or making sticks of his vegies and meat. This always interested my children.

Maybe get him running around so that he works up an appetite. Just dont give up and keep offering healthy alternatives, like fruit or sultanas, vegie sticks for snacks.

Sometimes I found that all my kids wanted was to eat what was on my plate, so maybe try and put extra on your plate and see if that interests him. Kids always think we are eating something better lol! Good luck :)

Maria - posted on 02/16/2010




Yes, the twos are notorious for not wanting to eat a lot. Their growth slows down during this time, so they don't need to eat as much. Plus, I think they're distracted quite a bit and have more interesting things on their mind than eating.

ALEXIA - posted on 02/16/2010




my daughter is a little older but she is the same way. at preschool i peek in and see her playing with her food. same at home she will take 40 mins to eat ONE the am ive gotten to the point i just give her a nutri-grain bar and a cup of milk bc we dont hve enough time for her to mess around. she doesnt seem hungry and hasnt lost weight so i hvnt done anything dramatic. hope this helps:)

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