Is it normal for my 2yro daughter's hair to shed?


Michelle - posted on 03/25/2009




no but might be alapecia witch is harmless my brother had that when he was the same age the doc said it is down to stress,his hair grew back and he is 21 this year and has never suffered with it since ,but see a doc just in case.


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Have you had her hair cut?  My hair dresser told me that even small babies need their hair cut in order to encourage healthy growth.  I never even thought about taking our 20 month old daughter for a hair cut because she had so little hair, but my hair dresser said it would make a difference in just a few cuts.  It has!  Her hair is so much thicker and healthier now after just one small trim!

She said in some cases, if you don't cut the hair it will fall out, almost in little balding patches.  Our daughter was having a little of that around her temples.

I would recommend a trim.  My hairdresser did it for $5, but I'm sure you could do it yourself if you trust you can do it.  I just had a good time taking little girl to the salon!  :)  Made for some great photos.

Good luck!

Amy - posted on 03/24/2009




I'm not sure what you mean by "shed", but everyone normally loses hair on a daily basis. (Actually, it's a quite a surprising amount! We don't often notice, however, if our hair is thick.) If your daughter seems to be leaving a lot of hair (clumps?) on the pillow at night or an unusually large amount of hair is pulled out in the hairbrush, you may want to talk to your pediatrician about this since hair loss could be a symptom of a vitamin deficiency or something more serious. ...Hope this helps, good luck.

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