is my daughter starving?

Tori - posted on 07/30/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




sometimes she has a good appetite but there are days where she doesnt eat dinner and snacks a lil bit on chips or sum thing(trying to get her to eat fruit), then she goes to bed with out eating much i am worried that she is super hunger and im not feeding her enough. now the thing is, she is a snacker she doesnt really eat set meals. like i try so had to get her to eat breakfast lunch and dinner but sumtimes she wont eat lunch and will just have some cookies a lil bit later. i am just worried she isnt eating enough. she isnt under weight or anything.


Jessica - posted on 07/31/2009




My son Matthew is turning 3 in September, and he started going through this phase that you're describing, and he is JUST now starting to come out of it. Let's face it, if we allow them too, our kids would "snack" their whole lives. When she does want to snack, make it a healthy one, like grapes, gram crackers, carrots with ranch (this one is a good one b/c they like to dip the carrots). She will more than likely refuse them at first, but if you stick to it, she will realize that she can't break you, and this is what she's getting.

In reference to you worrying about her starving... I had the SAME fears with my son Matthew. He just wouldn't eat like at ALL some days. Other days, he would pig out. It's their bodies telling them what they need. He also went through a phase where he craved cereal all the time, that's all he wanted when I asked him what he would like to eat. I can compare it to when our bodies crave water... it's because we need it. Same goes for your toddler. They won't let themselves starve. It's impossible mentally for them to go that far without eating. So no worries on that. All though it may seem like forever since she's eaten, and when she does eat, it's only a couple of bites, but hang in there, stay strong, and you'll reak the benefits in the end with healthy snacks, and a new confidence :) for you and your daughter. My son went through this for almost a year, so it can be challenging.

I found one thing key in staying strong though. As adults, we love and thrive on variety. We tend to get tired of eating chinese food EVERY night of the week. Say your toddler LOVES chicken nuggets, and that's what she asks for every night.... GIVE IT TO HER! Children at this age are not concerned so much with variety in the same way we as adults are. You may hate making the same thing everynight, but she will be loving it, and loving you for letting her!

I hope this helps, it's a bit longer than I anticipated, but oh well. Good luck with everything!

Jessica Baldwin

Mom to Matthew (2 1/2), Hailey (1 1/2), & Isabellah (6 months)


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Morgan - posted on 08/08/2009




When my little one doesn't eat much I make sure she has a glass of milk. I have read that it is like a meal. I watched a show where they had picky kids and they had to try a little bit but if they didn't eat it then put it away and offer again and if they hadn't eaten it by a certain time then they got a glass of milk. And kids know when they are hungry and they won't starve themselves. So if she is snacking that is good and try to make sure they are healthy but high in calories as when they play they burn a lot of calories. And if she isn't underweight and the doctor isn't worried I wouldn't be.

Lindsey - posted on 08/03/2009




My daughter is 2 now but before she turned 2 she had to stay a few nights in the hospital. She wouldn't eat anything the day before i took her in. I had tried to get her to eat all her favorite things through out the day but she just wouldn't eat anything. The next day she would not wake up for anything. She was drinking water so i knew that she was getting fluids in her. When i took her to the ER that day they took blood and her blood sugar level was at a 42. She was almost in a coma from not eating. The doctor told me that kid like to eat on the run and just pick through out the day. So now i always have a little bowl of food where she can reach it so when she gets hungry she can grab a bit on the run. And when she is in the stage of not eating i make sure she has jucie to drink to keep her blood sugar regular.

Rebecca - posted on 08/01/2009




I have the same problem please try not to worry too much! If she has energy she is getting what she needs. I was advised to give my 3 yr old dinners with us at the table as normal but unstead of getting frustrated when he didnt eat just make no comment at alll! No encouraging him just not to make any issue of his eating, And not to get him a different dinner or offer any-thing later it's hard you always worry but after a week he has started to pick at his food at set meal times.

He is still a grazer but it has made dinner times a little easier!

Renee - posted on 08/01/2009




I read that some children are snackers... I dont think you should worry about that. I had a problem cause I was thinking the same thing... but I have now changed that I feed my little guy every hour and half... I got sweet peas in the can (rinse them to get some of the sodium out) and microwave them. He really likes them. He can squish them and then eat them. I think it is OK to let her snack but I would try focus more on the peas and little mandrian oranges and bananas and get rid of the cookies and chips...that's what I did. My little guy is 14 months so some days when I dont think he ate well I give him some Go and Grow formula to ensure he gets his vitamins. Good luck!

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I agree with Krista. If your little one is hungry she's going to let you know. If you want her to eat regular meals I would say ease up on the snacks. But, if your just worried about her getting enough nutrients, just make sure the snacks she is getting are healthy. ANd make sure there is protien in there somewhere. . . Bottom line is, if she doesn't get the snack she will get hungry and she will eat 'lunch' or 'dinner'.. . . But if she's at a good weight it doesn't sound like you have to worry. Ask the pedi just to be sure she's getting a balanced diet.

Krista - posted on 07/31/2009




Just to let you don't starve themselves. If you're offering them stuff and they're not eating it, they aren't hungry. They're primal in that way. Consider this, however. Is your child a "snacker"? That is to say, does she eat little bits, but often? This is my son. He eats little "meals" throughout the day so I know he's getting enough food in his belly. If that's how she is, you shouldn't worry yourself.

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My daughter will be 2 in September and same thing. Things she used to eat she refuses now. I'm running out of ideas. I try to offer her new things or something different and she doesn't want any part of it It's extremely frustrating to prepare something that she won't eat and then make her something else to eat. I only give her two choices, and if she doesn't eat either, I don't make her anything else. Otherwise I'd be in the kitchen all day long

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