is my son autistic?

Amanda - posted on 09/02/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




my son is going to be ten months old, he's almost walking and he's into everything but he won't point at things, stack things, or try to talk. we read books n i do flash cards with him, i tell him what different things are. he just doesn't care to do that stuff. he'd rather spin wheels and crawl and stand n try to get into stuff. is this normal or should i be concerned?


Yvonne Vanden - posted on 09/04/2012




Hi Amanda,

My son is 14 months old, he's standing on his own but not yet walking, he too doesn't want a bar of things I try and teach him. I was worried about it for a little while thinking the very same thing.... all he wants to do is throw balls, watch cartoons and play with his cars .... and sometimes he'll just sit there in his own little world and then snap out of it and keep playing. I think thats just babies,their attention span in almost nothing :-)

Remember when we were in school and we'd tune out after a while, they are the same. I think we are just a little more sensitive to it due to us really wanting them to be up there with other babies the same age. The way I see it is all little ones are different and where he exceeds others won't and vice versa.

I'd start worrying about that stuff after the age of where he should be talking and communicating on a level where they can tell you what they want, where they hurt, and most of all when they say I love you mummy.

I wouldn't stress babe. Keep smiling

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