Is my toddler too much of a mamas boy?

Shantel - posted on 02/21/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son just turned 2 and he still sleeps with me at night but for naps he will sleep in his room or on the couch. I have to hold him or lay next to him to put him to sleep(nap time or bedtime). I dont know how to break tht habbit. he likes to be held a lot but I have tried to only pick him up when hes tired or has hurt himself. I stay at home with him all day so he follow we everywhere. My husband says that hes a big baby because he whines a lot and always goes to me saying mommy whenever something happens. I am always cuddling him and comforting him. Am I over doing it? Is he too dependent on me?


Louise - posted on 02/22/2011




First of all you need to train him to sleep in his own room over night as you want to regain your room for you and your husband. Co sleeping is very difficult to get out of but the earlier you do it the easier it is. Also breaking this habit will make him more independant.

As for wanting his mum this is usual behaviour especially for a first child. Take him to mother and baby groups where he can learn to play with other children and break away from you for a few minutes at a time.

it is natural for a child to go to mum for comfort when they are upset or hurt. As your son grows up he will gradually spend time away from you playing with his toys and playing with other children. By the time he is school age he will not want the cuddling so make the most of it, you have a loving son that loves a cuddle your lucky!

Shantel - posted on 02/25/2011




Thanks everyone for the advice and support. We have just bought our son a bed and trying to teach him to sleep in it alone. So far its going good but tonight is just gonna be the third night.

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I know a lot of moms hate to hear there child cry but sometimes its the only way to break them of a habit. We had to let our son cry to get him used to sleeping by himself. Try working up to him sleeping alone. Lay next him like you normally do then one day at a time move farther away, just dont go back to what you were doing. When he comes running to you crying just turn your back to him, my son does it to me and if he has no reason to cry I dont comfort him. now if he was hurt or something like that then yea i hold him and tell him its ok. im home all day with my boys too so i know how you feel sometimes.


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Jessica - posted on 02/23/2011




My son is almost 3 and he also sleeps with us at night.. It's really starting to stress our relationship because DH now sleeps in his own room untill Cayden starts sleeping in his own room.. Plus we are having another baby in July, So he really needs to start sleeping in his room by himself! I also have always catered to Cayden and i have been stopping and not putting up with his attitude when he doesnt get his own way. He is VERY good when he is with my parents or his uncle(s) but NOT when he is with me. Sometimes i think it's too much trying to change this behavior he has been able to do for almost 3 years now. But it's time, i cant do it anymore and especially because now it's starting to jepordise me and DH relationship. (not that he doesnt love Cayden because he does, it's just getting worse.)

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