is schools going crazy or what


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I know it seems overwhelming at times. Every time you turn around you are expected to shell out money for one thing or another. Unfortunately, state funds only cover the basics and that's really not enough. Many schools have a parent-teacher organization that does fundraising for the purpose of paying for field trips, buying new computers, purchasing playground equipment, paying for special programs, etc... Most schools also set aside money to help families in need. They purchase school supplies for children who can't afford it and help assist in the cost of sending children on field trips. Talk to the principal if you have any specific concerns.

Toni - posted on 10/15/2009




most schools will have a system that helps out if you are finding it hard to meet costs, ask them and see if your childs school does. I think schools are being hit by goverment cuts world wide at the moment due to the recession and may need help with the budget they are given, it is annoying when you find that you are constantly being asked to provide things that at one time you got for nothing, dont feel you have to push yourself to breaking trying to meet the cost just explain that you cant.

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