Keeping a 2 year old in bed!!!!

Natasha - posted on 12/09/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi girls,

I actually have a question on behalf of my sister-in-law who can't get her two and a half year old to stay in bed of a night (my bubba boy is luckily still confined to a cot!!!).

He just gets up for no reason what so dirty nappy, not hot/cold, no foreseable reason.

The only thing that has seemed to work is locking his door, but they hate doing that to him. They've tried reward charts; prizes if he stays in bed; putting him back to bed without talking to him (up to 63 times running!) every time he gets up; night light on; night light off.....

Do any of you have any ideas????

Thanks heaps, Tash


Molly - posted on 12/09/2009




OMGOODS! We had the same problem and it finally ended when we put up a baby gate instead of shutting his door. He would get up and cry so we would change his diaper then put him back in bed. If he got up again we ignored it and he got back in his bed and went to sleep. The first couple of nights were tough but he knows he can't make us get up by standing around cryn. He only gets up now for a drink or when his diaper is full.

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