Keeping your toddler in bed.

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Just two weeks ago we switched my toddlers crib to a toddler bed and the first night she did really good and stayed in bed the whole night [not sure if she realized the fact that there was nothing keeping her in bed] but now when it comes to bedtime she she keeps getting out of the bed and this battle goes on for three hours what can I do to help keep my toddler in bed?


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When it comes to keeping your child in bed you have to be patient and consistent. All you have to do, as with almost any other discipline- is let them know you are being serious and you WILL NOT give in. Follow through on your bedtime routine like you always do and explain to them what you are doing and that you expect them to stay in their big kid bed. Make it clear what you expect from them because once you put them to bed and say good night you wont be saying anything else to them. So, go through your routine then tell them you love them and hugs and kisses and tuck them in- then leave the room and either close the door or if you leave it cracked then do that. then stay close to the door cause chances are that they are already out of bed by the time you get to the door. allow them to come to the door before you go in and once they do get to the door and open it- they will see you standing there- DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO THEM. You have already told them good night and told them what you expect them to do -which is stay in bed and go to sleep. pick them up- hold them close and lovingly but dont rock them or kiss them or hold them too long- only the time it takes to get to the bed. place them back in bed and tuck them back in then leave the room immediately. and without a doubt they will be up and at the door in no time- repeat this as many times as it takes for them to realize that mommy means business and no matter how loud they cry or how many times they get out of bed you are right there to put them back where you want them to be- which is in bed. they will get the idea. It took my son at 20 months about an hour b4 he gave up the first night. the second night he only got out of bed twice and the third night he stayed in bed and went right to sleep and has been a great sleeper ever since.


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Elizabeth - posted on 04/06/2011




Well there are a couple ways you can go with gate at her bedroom door is my number one solution.

Our girls are 5 and 2 and they can both knock it down to get out ..but they know better. It was a safety issue for us at first ..we didn't want them falling down the stairs or wandering around downstairs on their own in the middle of the night.

Another option is in this video ..we used this method plus the gate.

I know you already have the toddler bed..but I would move her to a real bed asap..and skip the toddler bed..look at it this way..the trouble you are having right now is going to be repeated again when you move her from toddler bed to real bed.

Just a thought.

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