loud baby or broken spirit

Jacci - posted on 02/04/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




hey my daughter is 13 months old.. she is exceptionally loud.. she baby talks constantly and will yell very high pitched when she gets excited.. shes a very independent and happy baby.. shes always playing and laughing... and will walk around all day playing with books or toys and showing them to you.. ive been trying to get her to quiet down or not yell..

when she finally understands it she doesnt act like herself at all.. she'll sit down on the floor and doesnt play with any toys, she doesnt talk at all, and she wont smile or laugh.. it breaks my heart because her spirit is gone and she seems so sad

anyone have any advice as how to get her to quiet down with out breaking her spirit


Kristina - posted on 02/04/2009




take her favourite toy or a book...(if its a book open it up and find  something in there that you can use to explain) and say "we don't want to scare the doll or the duck or whatever else do we?...then say  "can you kepp you voice down so that we dont scare...."(use the favourite toy")....that's how i got my son to stop talking loud!!!!he was 11 mons so it should work with her....it could take a few tries tfor her to get it but she will....good luck

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