masturbation? This is personal.

Marcie - posted on 12/03/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




Ok, I hate that i must ask someone because i am so embarassed about it.........Ok here it goes, i have a two year old son and a three year old daughter and me and my hubby have found them more then once touching each others private places and i have gotten on to both of them, talked to them and tryed explaining to both that is not ok to do with each other at all, and they are still doing it and i have no idea why. I know that this is a stage that kids go through but together like this does not seem right or ok. Maybe i am being to harsh about this whole situation but i don't remember doing any of this with my siblings and neither does my hubby and i was just in need of some advice from some one because i don't want either of them thinking it is ok to do this with anyone and i don't want the wrong person to try and take advantage of them either. Please somebody help me out with some info on this.


Minni - posted on 12/03/2010




theyre very curious at this age my daughter play with herself to and the doc. said it was normal and to not make her feel bad about it and i think if she had a brother she would be very curious over him too but i would want to stop it too, but they'll probably just stop on theyre own just like they'de do if it was just them

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Yeah! Start them out thinking they are yucky down there. Tell them not to touch a yucky penis, it's so gross ewwww.. l'm sure they will live a happy normal life, alone due to insecurities and shamefull sellf image having such dirty yucky parts down there that pee comes from. You have latent feelings about pedophilia it sounds like to me. He's not finger blasting her to master her O-face already. It's not even remotely sexual to them. Its just body parts that are different, they do not have the ability to even conceive the notion of it in a sexual way! But you obviously got hot thoughts when you see them "doing it again" you're a weird one you are.

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I would not talk to them about this I would just make sure that they are not in a position to do this. They should be in seperate rooms to encourage individuality, if you bath them together then stay in the room at all times and keep them occupied with toys. It is natural to be inquisitive and you should not chastise but do all that you can to minimalise the opportunity.

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we just said, no, yucky, that's where you go pee pee and after that, they haven't done it. we did explain to my daughter that she should just wipe pee/poop and then that's it. no one else is to touch unless mommy and daddy need to help her wipe or with an ouchy. son is almost two, daughter is four. mine always have clothes on and they take baths seperately now, so they never really see each other to have the curiosity, i guess. i wouldn't explain away too much, just no. a firm, uh uh, not okay.


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Marcie - posted on 12/14/2010




thank you, me and their dad talked to them one on one about it and they have not done it since but see b-4 the one recently it had not happend in awhile either so for now it is out of the water but i started leaving their door open during naps and bedtime to so that might have been the problem but i know that it will all be done with whenever they get their own rooms to but thank you so much for the advice i apprichiate it alot :-)

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